"I know a little about the South, and I’m humble enough to not want to think I know it all. You don’t just swagger in from another part of the country and say you know the South. Because then you wind up with the fucking “Beverly Hillbillies” or Cooter and Daisy Duke and all that other crap. That’s not the South. But at the same time, all respect to Atlanta, we didn’t want that South either. That’s the new South. The other thing that you have to keep in mind is the play divides its time between 1967 and about 1996. So even at the most recent, the “present day” is still fifteen years ago. And it’s not a city we’re talking about. It’s the lake region in Mississippi, not too far from Oxford. I could show it to you on a map, but it doesn’t matter because it’s all make-believe."

— Stephen King, as quoted in his interview with Felicia Feaster on the premiere of his musical at the Alliance



Wonder who knows all the words to this?


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Spike Lee’s School Daze


Y’all, Bronner Bros has a Tumblr. But more importantly: Bronner Bros has a Tumblr that posted a YouTube clip of this gem from School Daze, featuring Atlanta native Jasmine Guy. This is our current favorite Atlanta-based Tumblr.

"I feel like we’ve done a great job of shaking up the Broadway theater community. I don’t think you would see musicals like Book of Mormon opening there now if not for a show like Rock of Ages. It’s a show that broke a lot of the rules about what a Broadway musical could be."

— Rich Eldredge, Q&A with Constantine Maroulis