"The first time I visited the recently relocated Tomo, I waited in a valet line full of luxury sedans, gave the reservation name to a statuesque hostess in a slinky dress, and stared, slack-jawed, into the dining room’s shimmery vastness. And then, dwelling on the jarring contrast between this reinvention and the humble, intimate, sadly defunct original on the other side of town, I thought: They’ve ruined this restaurant."

— Bill Addison, Tomo Gets Three Stars

April 2012: Girls Getaways
In this month’s issue: * Exposing the APS * The Year of Boulevard? * Tomo’s move to Buckhead reviewed * Four local style bloggers to follow…and more 
"Tomohiro Naito spent three years at the Las Vegas outpost of Nobu, absorbing the philosophies of fusion maestro Nobu Matsuhisa. He creates from an unorthodox realm of East-West flavors, and his command of that culinary netherworld has deepened considerably since he opened Tomo in 2005."

Bill Addison, 50 Best Restaurants - No. 5: Tomo

This needs to reopen in Buckhead ASAP.